Top 5 Sparkling Drinks for the Summer

Summer is nearly here and with it the promise of delightful al fresco picnics, dinners in the garden and outdoor parties – not least all those much postponed weddings.   And sophisticated hosts will be wondering what they can offer their guests who might like something lighter to drink in the heat.  So here are The Light Drinker’s Top 5 Sparkling recommendations, which in order of ABV are:

  1. Lyre’s Classico Sparkling 0% Wine which has one really clever secret – it is fermented from grape juice using a selection of bacteria and yeast that produces only minimal alcohol. The result is a properly flavoursome drink that delivers a delightful dry, bubbly swig, perfectly balanced, packed with flavours of peach and apple and with a long, grown-up mineral finish
  2. REAL Royal Flush 0% Kombucha with a fresh, slightly rhubarby/floral nose, it’s a delicate alternative to Champagnes and sparkling wines. Made from First Flush Darjeeling tea, it’s a sophisticated brew – refreshing rather than sugary and with a long complex finish.
  3. Stormhoek Moscato 5.5% Rosé has the delicious true-grape flavours of a muscat grapes beautifully balanced with a pleasing acidity to make a very happy tasting experience, intensified by the gentle spritz. The nose reveals gentle rose petal notes which are followed up by strawberries and cherries which transforms into a long lemony finish.
  4. Ca’ dè Monaci 8% Lambrusco Salamino di Santa Croce which being a red offers something a little different. It is packed with flavours of plums and red berries and balanced by a rich palette of tannins that leaves the wine essentially dry.  A masterly comeback for the much maligned Lambrusco grape.
  5. Ca’ Bolani 10.5% Prosecco Frizzante Edizione Limitata is obviously pushing at the light drinker boundary but is a must if dry is your watchword. It is also a first class prosecco coming with a velvet frizzante mousse of tiny bubbles and perfectly poised at the Goldilocks point, rounded and sophisticated and a pleasure to drink.

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