Why are non-alcoholic spirits so expensive?

Anyone who has paid £26.50 for a bottle of Seedlip will have asked themselves why, when the duty on alcohol can represent as much as 40% of a drink’s cost, is the price so steep?  The obvious answer would seem to be that the producers are building in brand value by setting a high price […]

Which grape varieties work best in low-alcohol versions?

Why do white wines work with low alcohol levels while red wines don’t?  A crisp, sharp Sauvignon is delicious with 8.5 % ABV while a Merlot or Syrah will feel thin, anaemic and watery. The answer is in the elements that make up the mouthful of wine. The taste of wine is a balance between […]

Will you lose the benefits to the heart if your wine is non-alcoholic?

Short answer: no. A scientist at Anglia-Ruskin university has established – perhaps to the annoyance of wine drinkers – that non-alcoholic wine confers the same benefits for heart health as alcoholic wine.  A series of studies demonstrated an ‘undeniably protective beneficial relationship’ between wine, in both the alcoholic and non-alcoholic versions, and coronary heart disease.  […]

What does it mean when a drink has 0.5% alcohol?

Can a drink truly be said to be non-alcoholic if it has even a tiny percentage of alcohol?  Is it safe to drink? Why do they have alcohol in them anyway? Drinks may be labelled as being less than 0.5% alcohol because they have used alcohol as a solvent in the preparation, or because the […]