Lower alcohol wines in the mainstream

Really nice today to see a lower alcohol wine (the 8.5% 2020 Dr Loosen Slate Hill Riesling) being included in “Wines to try this month” by Will Lyons writing in the Sunday Times magazine.

I’m not surprised that Will has chosen to highlight Dr Loosen – as Will says, “Ernie Loosen is one of the world’s best winemakers for Riesling” and he has made it his life’s work to bring Rieslings into the mainstream and suited to contempory tastes (which typically means dryer).  Will describes this Slate Hill offering as “An exquisite off-dry example.  Carrying notes of arci, peach and lime, it finishes with an a subtle sweetness”.  At the Light Drinker we too rated it a 4-stars and it can be bought here from Majestic for £9.99 per bottle (for six).

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Newsletter #2 – June 2022

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