Belmonte Marlborough Botrytised Riesling

A great sticky made of the Noble Rot

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This is definitely a wine to get excited about: a sticky that’s just 9.5% ABV and made by the great Dr John Forrest, who brought to the world the marvellous The Doctors wines which are at the top of all our lists and who has lead the New Zealand lower alcohol wines drive.  So it’s a wine with pedigree.  Its packed with flavour from the Noble Rot grapes (see below) with lashings of honey and marmalade balanced with grapefruit and lychee. Add to this a nose of leafy tea and a distinctive long, almost metallic finish and you have a wine to savour.  Some clearly rate it highly but our panel was left with a few doubts – we found it almost too sugary and yet also a little thin.  So not the  perfect 5 stars we’d hoped to find, but nonetheless an excellent sticky which will end any dinner on a high note.

Note: What does “botrytised” mean?

It means that the grapes have been attacked on the vine by the botrytis fungus which causes ‘Noble Rot’  that shrivels and decays wine grapes. In other uses this fungus family variously help make  penicillin, turns  Stilton blue and cause athelete’s foot.  But don’t be put off.  In wine making  it intensifies the sweetness by dehydrating the grapes and intensifies the flavours and is the secret behind making many great wines such as Sauternes, Tokajis and  Spätlese Rieslings.  For more information read this excellent report from Wine Folly 

Makers Notes

Making wine is a very personal endeavour, yet one winemakers love to share. For me, winemaking combines my exuberant personality and scientist’s love of experimentation with a continuous quest to capture the best the land, the vines and the vintage have to offer. The result is a collection of wines with great integrity and purity of flavour, which clearly reflect their sense of place. I am proud to share these wines with you.

“This wine has got the backbone of a great ripe Riesling, glorious gold glint, rose aromas, orange marmalade, dried Turkish apricots, toffee and hokey pokey ice cream. Sweet opulent palate. Full unctuous mouth-feel and whilst it’s sweet it’s perfectly balanced with crisp, fresh acidity. With the proud record we have for Botrytised Rieslings, it’s a big call, but this may be our best yet!” Dr. John Forrest, Winemaker.

Tasting Notes

Colour: Deep gold Nose: Leafy tea Taste: Honey and marmalade balanced with grapefruit and lychees Body: Unctuous Finish: Long and packed with lychees and grapefruit  

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White Wine
ISWC Trophy Best Young Sweet Floral Style
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Marlborough, New Zealand
Forrest Wines Ltd
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