BrewDog Punk AF IPA

All attitude no alcohol sums up this instant classic from BrewDog

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Briskly bubbling and pale even for a pale ale, the first impression of Brew Dog’s popular Punk AF is that it deserves the reputation preceding it. As bright, modern and sharply distinctive as the slogan-laden silver and sky-blue tin it comes in, the head fizzles away quickly leaving a distinctly fragrant ping of citrus wafting up to the approaching nose. Citrus follows through on the first sip, a winning mix of light hop and lemon zest. A swirl round the mouth deepens the flavour, with a hint of astringency on the cheeks and a top note that seems a touch watery-weak at first but quickly rounds out into a subtle tang of refreshment. A vivid mouthfeel and a subtly malty finish at the back of the throat brings it to a satisfying, upbeat close – long but not too long – maintaining the overall sense of a fun flirtation in a glass. “All attitude no alcohol” just about sums up this beer, which is best served as chilled as you can get it. While its citrus flavour range is not dissimilar to Adnams’ outstanding 0.5%ABV Ghost Ship IPA, it presents as an altogether lighter, sparklier and more carefree affair. The perfect drink for the icebox on a sunny summer picnic, say, or to quaff guilt-free round a table as the sun goes down. Somehow there’s an undeniable “let’s get together with friends” feel to it – and a satisfaction level and quality that makes compromise a question that never even occurs.

Makers Notes

“Our latest foray into alcohol free beers sees us take our iconic Lost Lager and turn it into a crisp and refreshing 0.5% crusher… The light Pilsner malt base is the perfect foundation, offering up a delicate backbone that gives the hops a stage to shine.”

Tasting Notes

  • Colour:  pale straw
  • Nose:  citrus hop
  • Pour:  chest-beating big bubble
  • Taste:  dry, complex, citrusy hop
  • Mouthfeel: vivid, popping with flavour
  • Finish:  long, but not too long

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Other Drinkers' Ratings

IPA & Ale
ABV achieved by
specially brewed for low alcohol
UK, Scotland
Bottle size (ml)
Gluten Free
Calories Kcal/100ml
Ahtanum, Cascade, Chinook, Citra and others
pale straw
Principal ingredients
Water, Lactose (Milk), Malted Barley, Hops, Yeast, Malted Oats, Malted Wheat, Lactic Acid


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