Brooklyn Special Effects Hoppy Lager

More of a genius IPA than a hoppy lager but who cares – it’s a stunner

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Brewed under licence in the EU (by Carlsberg) for the ultra-trendy New York craft brewers Brooklyn Brewery, this is a spectacularly tasty beer whose only imperfection, some might say, lies in surprising buyers by being labelled a “hoppy lager” when to all intents and purposes it is – from colour to mouthfeel and taste – what most people would regard as a delicious light ale. The swirling blue and yellow labelling betokens a mind-bending experience, and it doesn’t disappoint. Beery to the tips of its (and our) tonsils, uncapping gives a pop of bitter citrus, while the pour reveals a distinctly ale-like amber instead of the expected lager gold. The head folds outs creamily and stays impressively intact, clinging to the sides of the glass as all the promise of that amber hue flood the mouth, with a dark silky roundness that brilliantly balances hoppy citrus bitterness and malty undertones, pinging molecules of delight around the cheeks and palate before washing down with a long, satisfyingly crisp finish. Overall, then, this is a superb beer even if it isn’t much like what we would normally expect of a lager this side of the Atlantic. In style it’s not dissimilar to Adnams’ Ghost Ship IPA 0.5%, although its flavour range is even deeper and more complex, with a crisper finish. How it achieves all this without alcohol is anybody’s guess. All we know is, it’s an absolute corker.

Makers Notes

“Brooklyn Special Effects Hoppy Amber tastes just like a regular beer, but therein lies the special effect: it’s not. We use a special fermentation method that develops the flavors, aromas & character of beer with none of the alcohol, and a generous dry hopping resulting in lively hop notes and a clean finish.”

Tasting Notes

  • Colour: amber nectar
  • Nose: hoppy citrus
  • Pour: tight and creamy
  • Taste: hoppy bitterness balancing deep malty undertones
  • Mouthfeel: silky roundness
  • Finish: long and deeply satisfying

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ABV achieved by
specially brewed for low alcohol
EU brew for US maker
Brooklyn Brewery
Bottle size (ml)
Calories Kcal/100ml
Principal ingredients
Water, Malted Barley, Hops


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