Casal Garcia Vinho Verde 5.5

The best dry 5.5% wine ever?

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Casal Garcia, a traditional Portuguese winery have pulled off something rather brilliant with this innovative Vinho Verde.  To start with the stats: it’s just 5.5% ABV and it contains only 40 kcal/100ml.  Both are seriously low (half that of say a classic Sauvignon blanc).

How it does this is unclear to me, except that just possibly the wine is a little thin and there may be some simple dilution going on.  But it is made from a classic blend of Trajadura, Loureiro, Pedernã and Aza grapes (albeit the Pedernã is less common) and it tastes just like a Vinho Verde, although with only the lightest of spritz.  There is a lovely tang of grapefruit and a nice mineral finish.

I truly think that for anyone who likes their wines dry but wants to go as low as possible, then this wine is near perfection.  It has a thoroughly grown-up in taste, has none of the sweetness or excess calories of a Moscato that might equal it in ABV and it does have a little spritz.

My only quibble today is that I can only find it in half-bottle sizes.  But I’m sure that will get fixed.

Makers Notes

 It has a citrine colour, a clear and slightly effervescent appearance. It is a smooth and fresh wine, with a delicate, fruity, young and balanced aroma.

Tasting Notes

  • Colour: Light straw
  • Taste: Citrus and minerals
  • Body: Dry and light
  • Finish: Mineral

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White Wine
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Minho, Portugal
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Light spritz


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