Dr Loosen 2019 Ürziger Würzgarten Riesling Kabinett

A Riesling with a peppery bite – loved by some

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This is another fine wine from Dr Loosen but it was not quite to our panel’s taste, hence the 3.8 rating.  Its name means “spice garden” and the red, volcanic, slatey soils of this vineyard are known for producing a wine with an earthy mineral flavour and a distinct sharpness, described by some as spicy or peppery, but to us a little too astringent – described by one of us as “biting the back of my throat”.  Of course, this does provide a balance to the classic Riesling fruitiness, and some will enjoy its fieriness and lingering finish – so this is definitely one to try if you’re enjoying exploring the world of Rieslings.

Makers Notes

Before taking over his family’s wine estate, Ernst Loosen made a pilgrimage to some of the most highly respected wineries in the world. It was his belief that before he could make world-class wines, he first had to understand what it is that makes a wine truly great. Through this voyage of discovery, Ernst developed the foundation for his own winemaking style — a style that is rooted in the authentic expression of the soil, the climate, and the vines themselves. This is the level of winemaking that we pursue at our two estates: Dr. Loosen on the Mosel and J.L. Wolf in the Pfalz. Our goal is to make wines that are delicious to drink and true to their roots. Of course, the measure of any great wine is not where it begins, but where it ends — in your glass. Light white pepper aroma, some simple fresh lime and a touch of lime marmalade. Light lemon and lime juice flavour with some passion fruit. A good balance of acidity, some pepper giving the finish a little spice.

Tasting Notes

  • Colour: Straw yellow
  • Nose: Very slight flinty, earthy, mushrooms, sea salt
  • Taste: Apple, mineral, earthy, grapefruit
  • Body: Full bodied off-dry with slight spritz
  • Finish: Mineral

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Other Drinkers' Ratings

White Wine
ABV achieved by
Mosel, Germany
Loosen Bros
Bottle size (ml)
Slight spritz
Medium Dry


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