Infinite Helles Lager

A winner from nose to finish

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This German-inspired unfiltered Helles lager from those ever-clever folk at Infinite Session looks like a winner from the start, resplendent in gold and white in Infinite’s simple yet sophisticated branding. Popping the ring pull gives up aromas of sweet floral hops, and the pour yields a lovely pale yellow (Helles translates as “bright”, and this certainly is) beer topped by a firmish white head. In the mouth the first impression is of those sweet floral-hops again, gently giving way to a crisp citrus astringency in the cheeks before yielding something slightly spicier and more complex in the base before it slips down the throat with sense of real refreshment. All in all, you could easily imagine this being necked by the stein-load in some Bavarian bierkeller. By way of a bonus it is Vegan and, at just 33 calories per can, nice and easy on the waistline – although, with barley, wheat and oats in the mix, it is not gluten free. Even so, it’s a beauty.

Makers Notes

“Inspired by trips to Munich, drinking cold, crisp lagers in sunny beer gardens with friends.  It’s crisp and refreshing, yet full of flavour… Our signature complex malt blend, and German noble hops, including Perle and Hallertau.”

Tasting Notes

  • Colour: pale gold
  • Nose: floral, sweet
  • Pour: firm white head
  • Taste: floral and citrus hop blends with caramel malt and spicy undertones
  • Mouthfeel: light, complex, well-balanced
  • Finish: refreshing

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ABV achieved by
brewed for low alcohol content
Infinite Session
Bottle size (ml)
Calories Kcal/100ml
Perle, Hallertau
Principal ingredients
water, malted barley, wheat, oats, hops, yeast
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