Lucky Saint Unfiltered Lager

Fresh, foaming, German Pils reimagined by an English maker

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One of the most high-profile of the new generation of craft alcohol-free lagers, Lucky Saint is a beer we were particularly keen to try. Brewed in Germany by an English maker, the blue and white branding on trad brown bottle suggests simplicity and honesty while the on-label references to Bavarian spring water and Hallertau hops prepares us for an essentially Teutonic experience. And so it proves. The first things to notice are the exceptionally fine white head and a cloudiness in the pour that attests to its unfiltered production method and summons up memories of foaming steins of pils and, even, German weisbeirs. In the mouth, it is pils all the way, the nose a mild hoppy citrus, with a mouthfeel that foams and waits a millisecond before revealing its secrets – a lemony dry flavour-burst of hop on the palate that lingers only minimally before washing down the throat with a gently foaming finish. Overall, while not as crisp as some might expect of a lager, if your go-to taste is a German blond this could well be the drink for you.

Makers Notes

It was the fresh, crisp spring water from Bavaria that consistently delivered the cleanest flavour.

Tasting Notes

  • Colour: cloudy pale gold
  • Nose: hoppy citrus
  • Pour: foaming blond
  • Taste: dry, lemony palate-burst
  • Mouthfeel: soft pils, foaming roundness
  • Finish: a medium hop

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UK maker; brewed in Germany
Lucky Saint
Bottle size (ml)
330 ml bottle
Gluten Free
Foaming head


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