Martini Vibrante Aperitivo

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No one else does it like the Italians. From the utterly gorgeous packaging to the elegant label, to the deep sensuous dark red colour and the long lingering bitter and citrus tastes, this hits every mark with all the style of a Roman youth in shades and an Armani suit on a Vespa.  The plain cardboard packaging ingeniously opens up to reveal an inside printed with a Rousseau-esque explosion of vivid leaves and flowers and a neat cardboard coffret holding the two bottles, which it is impossible not to see without smiling. It’s years since I’ve drunk the alcoholic version of Martini Rosso, so it’s hard to say how well this approximates but who cares when it’s so good by itself.  I’m getting hits of rosemary, orange and wormwood in a full-bodied mouthful, with a long, long lingering bitter finish.  The label is cagey as to ingredients, listing only ‘Natural flavourings’ and ‘Concentrates from fruit and vegetables’ so it’s anyone’s guess how they achieve the sheer deliciousness of this aperitif (what on earth the vegetable can be is exercising me considerably – maybe artichoke?). Because this is mimicking a vermouth rather than a spirit it’s not distilled but made from de-alcoholised wine. I’m imagining the gloriousness of a low-alcohol Negroni using this and Gordon’s 0%. This is something new in the low alcohol field and I hope many more will follow.  Campari – we’re looking at you.


Makers Notes

Our non-alcoholic Aperitivo begins the same way as our alcoholic drinks. The same quality of wines, herbs, and botanicals are selected by master herbalists and sourced from our growers. Combining over 150 years of traditional expertise with a modern twist we bring the vibrancy and complexity of our ingredients to life After we slowly remove the alcohol from our wine, preserving the authentic characteristics, we infuse the flavours of our superior botanicals, including Artemisia and Bergamot. The result is an Aperitivo that’s unmistakably MARTINI.

Tasting Notes

  • Colour: Ruby velvet
  • Nose: Mama’s herb bed under the orange tree
  • Taste: Sophisticated bergamot and rosemary

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ABV achieved by
De-alcoholising the red wine
Martini and Rosso
Bottle size (ml)
Calories Kcal/100ml
Ruby red
Principal ingredients
Bergamot, Roman chamomile and Artemisia
Bitter notes of bergamot
Shelf Life
Keep refrigerated

1 review for Martini Vibrante Aperitivo

  1. camccuk

    The drink that really made me feel I could enjoy a drink after booze.. Genuinely lovely with a good tonic and a slice.. Sharp, robust and bitter – great price too.

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