Peroni Nastro Azzurro 0.0%

Everything you would expect from Rome’s most stylish brewery

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In April 2022 Peroni launched its latest 0.0% lager with the claim that it is virtually identical to its core 5.1% ABV Nastro Azzurro lager – only minus the alcohol. And we can’t disagree. Peroni Nastro Azzuro 0.0% is set to replace the brand’s existing non-alcoholic lager, Peroni Libera, which launched in 2018. Whereas Libera was made with a slow fermenting yeast that didn’t produce alcohol, Peroni Nastro Azzuro 0.0% is brewed to the original Peroni recipe – “with the same characteristics, same profile, same taste”– and then de-alcoholised.

We certainly found it to be a cut above the Libera, which had a dominant sweetness that tended to undercut the sharp, tangy, refreshing quality you really want from a lager – especially one that’s being heavily promoted as a good food-match in restaurants around the UK. Now the flavour fully lives up to “blue ribbon” expectations when you pour the straw-gold brew, offering up hints of citrus tang on the nose and giving way to the familiar Italian blend of crispness in the cheeks and a modicum of sweetness on the tongue, accompanied by a sophisticated, gently foaming mouthfeel. We think it’s terrific and everything you would expect from Rome’s most stylish brewery.

Makers Notes

“Drinking a low or no alcohol product should not involve compromising in any-way. We’re so proud of what Peroni Nastro Azzurro 0.0% brings to the market and how it enhances the moment for consumers – an alcohol-free beer option with an Italian flair – superior flavour and quality taste”

Tasting Notes

  • Colour: straw gold
  • Nose: hints of lemon
  • Taste: crisp citrus with hints of sweetness
  • Mouthfeel: gently foaming
  • Finish:crisp, refreshing

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