Sheppy’s Low Alcohol Classic Cider

A cider that smacks of real class and no compromise

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Attractive packaging (traditional squat brown bottle, heritage-evoking labels) and the reassurance that “every drop” of Sheppy’s is crafted by a sixth-generation master of cider, set up expectations of a high-quality low alcohol (0.5% vol) product that were fully met. In fact, from pour to finish, this go-low cider from one of the UK’s leading craft producers smacks of real class and no compromise whatsoever.

Sheppy’s has making cider for 200 years, so you would expect it to know how a good cider should look and taste, with or without alcohol. Even so, it is still a pleasant surprise to pop off the cap and get a reassuring waft of dry apple as the pale straw colour fills the glass. On the palate the flavour is deep and dry and the apple never overwhelms. There is a subtle tickle of fizz before the kiss of apple hits your cheeks and deepens at the back of the throat for a long, satisfying finish. The balance of fruit and acidity feels just right, refreshing but complex enough to make you want to savour it over and again – enough to want to order another one, and then a case. All in all, a sophisticated quaffer’s drink to enjoy once as refreshing pick-me-up once or to happily indulge in all evening long.

Makers Notes

“This traditional, classic cider remains true to our cider-making heritage and methods, featuring the same award-winning base cider blends that make up our core range.”

Tasting Notes

  • Colour: pale straw
  • Nose: dry fruit
  • Pour: soft, small-bubble fizz
  • Taste: dry, complex fruit
  • Mouthfeel: refreshingly well balanced fruit and astringency Finish: long

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UK, Herefordshire
Bottle size (ml)
500ml bottle
Gluten Free
Principal ingredients

1 review for Sheppy’s Low Alcohol Classic Cider

  1. macca

    Fantastically good – refreshing and not watery or artificial like many zero-beers.. This, the Waitrose and the Sainsburys LA ciders are hard to choose between – but the Sheppy’s probably just edges it…

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