Small Beer Lager

A crisp Pilsner-style lager from London’s lower-alcohol pioneers

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At a moderate 2.1% ABV, this lager should, in theory at last, be the perfect lager for The Light Drinker – a reduced or lower alcohol lager that allows us to quaff away, enjoying a light buzz of alcohol without having to think too much about the consequences, health or hangover-wise. Popping off the cap yields fresh citrusy florals to the nose and the pour, like much else here, is typically Pilsner-like – a bright white foam that quickly falls away.  In the mouth it’s all fizzy lemon freshness  with a hint of biscuit base – very crisp and pleasant but it doesnt develop much and slips down the throat in a slightly one-note way. Even the undeniable bite of alcohol, doesn’t significantly enhance the taste experience. It’s all perfectly pleasant, but there are low and no alcohol lagers out there with a lot more flavour and a lot less alcohol. Still, if you’re  looking for a refreshing beer that will give you a buzz, just less of one, this certainly fits the bill

Makers Notes

“a classic Pilsner-style lager with a citrus nose, stone fruit palate and a continental bite on the finish”

Tasting Notes

  • Colour: pale straw
  • Nose: lemony citrus
  • Head: white, fast foaming
  • Taste: fresh, lemon citrus
  • Mouthfeel: zesty, lemony with a bite of citrus hop and alcohol
  • Finish:  crisp, refreshing

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London, UK
Small Beer Brewery
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