Terrific – a glorious paradox – huge flavour off a tiny measure

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Oh, but they’re clever, those people at Adnams. Instead of stripping out the ethanol to create a low-alcohol gin, they’ve counter-intuitively created a marvellous full-strength gin (50% ABV) with six times the strength of the botanicals in it.  The intense flavour means that just 2.5 ml added to a premium tonic will fill the drink with a delicious blend of botanicals that have all the aromatic punch and heft of a full strength gin and tonic for just 0.8% ABV (for a 150ml can of tonic).  There are 80 servings in the small 200ml bottle and the drink comes with a delightful copper measuring spoon.  No sugars, no preservatives – just a delicious G&T experience.  It’s not the first gin maker to use this route (check out our review of Hayman’s Small Gin) but nobody has done it better.

Makers Notes

Smidgin is ideal if you want to cut back on alcohol without losing out on the gin taste you love, or if you’re choosing to live a healthier lifestyle. Using the copper measure that comes with the bottle, just add 2.5ml (or half-a-teaspoon) of Smidgin to 200ml of your favourite tonic to get a full-flavoured, real gin experience for just 0.6% ABV, which is just 0.1 unit of alcohol. As Smidgin is a true gin, it has the same shelf-life as a regular spirit. There are no storage issues after opening. This, coupled with 80 servings in each 200ml bottle means Smidgin is long-lasting in more ways than one This aromatic, juniper-forward gin is full of fruity and floral characteristics. The citrus notes in juniper are bolstered by zesty peels and balanced by the sweet, flowery notes of cardamom and the light spice of coriander seeds. Underlying hints of hibiscus lift these characteristics and give a refreshingly soft floral finish.

Tasting Notes

  • Colour: clear
  • Nose: strongly aromatic notes of citrus and juniper with a hint of spice
  • Taste: the best G&T

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ABV achieved by
Southwold, Suffolk, UK
Bottle size (ml)
Calories Kcal/100ml
Principal ingredients
Juniper, orange peel, coriander, hibiscus,
Juniper, zest, spices
Shelf Life
Full strength so no best before
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