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The last drink I reviewed had just one flavouring ingredient (verbena); there are 19 listed on the label here.  I was looking forward to tasting a drink that contained flavours as diverse as Cedar wood oil, rhubarb root, pimento and gentian and imagined I’d be delving into a complex and multi-layered drink with considerable heft. Perhaps it’s my own fault for expecting so much but the actual first sip felt a little underwhelming, to the extent that I had to taste a glass of  neat tonic alongside the tonic mixed with Tuscan Tree to understand what it was bringing to the party.  There’s a citrussy sweetness which rounds out the bitterness of the tonic into a much fuller mouthful, and adds top notes of zesty aromatics and an orangey bitterness adds a longer finish, but it’s not exactly standout.  The gorgeous fifties-style label in powder blue and gold contrasts fabulously with the orangey-red of the drink, but the same care for detail doesn’t seem to have gone into the drink which tastes just a bit too thin for an aperitif.

Makers Notes

We blend various oil extracts and water-based infusions which are then subject to a distillation process. Each distillate goes through a copper pot distillation, then removing the alcohol before blending and bottling. The bittersweet characteristic flavours are enhanced with selected botanicals playing their symphonic part. Cardamon; pimento and cinnamon bark oil evoke the bitter elements married with the rhubarb root, cinnamon bark and orange peel botanicals providing the sunshine and sweetness. Resulting in a drink which realistically emulates an authentic Aperitivo flavour profile.

Tasting Notes

  • Colour: The exact mid point between orange and red
  • Nose: Orange flower water
  • Taste: Sweet blood orange

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Tuscan Tree
Bottle size (ml)
Gluten Free
Calories Kcal/100ml
Glowing coral
Principal ingredients
Blood orange, rhubarb root, cedar wood oil, cinnamon wood oil, , orange peel, lemon and lime, vermouth extract, sparkling wine
Shelf Life
Keep refrigerated


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