Waitrose Low Alcohol Cider

Superb quality own-brand cider from Waitrose

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The packaging is own-brand plain yet the clean, crisp, golden tones through the clear glass bottle sell an appealing first impression. Popping off the cap there’s a waft of dry apple that promises quality, a promise bolstered by the small-bubble fizz of the pour. Waitrose describe this cider as medium dry but it is toward the drier end of that range, with a crisp astringency on the cheeks and a bittersweet punch of fruity apple as it hits the back of the throat, giving that most wished for of after effects in the low-alcohol universe – a lovely long finish. And, coming in a 500ml bottle, you know there’s plenty more. As an own brand low-alcohol cider this is very good quality. Perhaps not up there with the gold-standard Sheppy’s low-alc cider, but half a notch down at most. For those who like the edge of their dry cider softened with a touch more fruit, this will hit the mark. The back label says it all: “a lightly sparkling cider made in the Herefordshire countryside from traditional varieties of bittersweet apples… And if you’re familiar with the classy Stowford Press low alcohol offer from those Herefordshire master cider makers at Westons, this is very similar on the palate, even if at “up to 1% ABV” rather than 0.5% ABV it claims to pack marginally more alcohol. One to keep plenty of in the fridge for a regular, guaranteed-to-please tipple.

Makers Notes

“Medium Dry, crisp and refreshing. Not more than 1% Alcohol. A lightly sparkling cider made in the Herefordshire countryside from traditional varieties of bittersweet apples. It is matured in old oak vats and then blended with pressed apple juice to produce a low alcohol cider that is still full of flavour. Great with…A Ploughmans lunch or chunky ham sandwiches.”

Tasting Notes

  • Colour: golden straw
  • Nose: clean, crisp apple
  • Pour: soft, small-bubble fizz
  • Taste: medium dry (but leaning more to the dry)
  • Mouthfeel: crisp, soft, subtle fruit
  • Finish: long, bittersweet

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2 reviews for Waitrose Low Alcohol Cider

  1. sophieawdry

    Outstanding! Tastes just like the boozy one!

    • Adam

      Sophie Thank you so much for taking the time to add a review – we hugely appreciate it.

  2. camccuk

    Really good – between this, the Sheppys and the Sainsbury’s LA version, cider drinkers are spoiled for choice.. Although I am not normally a cider drinker, now that I am cutting back on the booze, these and the superb Martini and Clean G offerings are making it easy! There is even the odd drinkable zero beer now! Wine, alas, is another story..

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