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I was attracted to taste this unusual offering from Lidl, based firstly on its almost low 10.5% ABV and secondly on the fact that it comes from northern maritime Spain,  just across the Portuguese border so near to where the great Vinho Verde grapes are grown.  So I had hope that some of that cool, sea air might produce another wonderfully dry light wine.

I was disappointed.  The wine is too acidic and so whilst it is nicely rounded, almost chardonnay-like, the total effect is not especially pleasing.  Worth a punt at £5.49, and maybe there are better Ribeiro wines, a region which as been making wines since Roman times.  But I won’t be buying this particular one again.



Makers Notes

This Galician white from north-west Spain is crisp, dry, relatively light and supremely refreshing. A pear-scented delight, it is best appreciated by the sea air enjoying a plate of sardines or grilled fish.

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White Wine
Ribeiro, Galicia, Spain
Vitivinicola del Ribeiro SCG
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